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Damien Maass Films Special Projects

This is a collection of special projects we have done and we hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them! or 239-292-5725

Croton Dam - Quick History Lesson

I had the chance to meet and speak with Paul Macey who administers the Croton Dam Facebook page over the Labor Day weekend. This is a quick look at the Dam and Paul fills us in with a bit of Dam history. The original Croton Dam (Old Croton Dam) was built between 1837 and 1842 to improve New York City's water supply. By 1881, after extensive repairs to the dam, which was 50 feet (15 m) high, Old Croton Reservoir was able to supply about 90 million US gallons (340,000 m3) a day to the city via the Old Croton Aqueduct. To meet escalating water needs, the Aqueduct Commission of the City of New York ordered construction of a new Croton system in 1885. The New Croton Dam replaced the Old Croton Dam and was completed in 1906 (not without a lot of drama) and stands and operates as it did today. For more information please visit

*If you like this video you also might like to see a short documentary we did on Maryknoll in Ossining. Many of the same Croton Dam workers were involved in the construction of Maryknoll.

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