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Dance At CU Boulder

Welcome! Here you will find recent videos that showcase a few of the things we are doing here at the Dance Division of the Department of Theatre and Dance, University of Colorado at Boulder. We welcome your comments at:

Projection Design Practicum Final Project v.3

Two of the students in this class (Braden and Hiroki) are members of a band. Together with Kyle and Travis they spent the semester gathering clips and other material with the intention of honing their VJ chops. They also made the 2 side screens in order to experiment with video mapping techniques. They rehearsed several times at their own studio with projectors lent them for that purpose, and came in during spring break to do a test of their project in the dance studio.
They loaded in their gear on Sunday morning April 24th and that night, the last night of the annual student produced Fringe Festival, they put on a free admission 90 minute non-stop show for anyone who wished to come in and dance, listen to their excellent music, and watch Kyle and Travis do their VJ thing.
This video includes a few of the songs from that evening, shot hand-held by the instructor, Bob Shannon. The VJ work was done using Modul8 software on Mac laptops, with the two side screens fed the same imagery thru a VGA splitter. The projectors were Epson EX100's.

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