Time Lapse Production

Utilizing multiple simultaneous time lapse cameras CMR Studios captures all the action on a construction site. What appears to be a slow process on a day to day basis becomes dynamic and active. By creating incremental videos during the process you can engage an online audience and generate interest in your project. Video like the Alstom Power Plant construction, Metals USA home and UDT condo conversion incorporate time lapse as a creative element of a full video. Others like the Maritans ship construction and Aye Candy wrap are used as stand alone productions.

No mater what the application, time lapse always grabs attention. Select a video and scroll down to the viewer window and see for yourself.

Aye Candy - Time Lapse Wrap

A weeks work to wrap a 53 foot yacht in a protective vinyl coating was compressed into about a minute while catching every side of the action using multiple time lapse cameras.