Pure Qi: Abundant Flow

Activating the true purpose of this course: Bringing you an abundance of life energy to fulfill your heart's desires. To fulfill this purpose we recommend using one video class each week. Review the teachings and participate in the practice sessions daily for at least a week. Then move to the next video class digest it deeply. After completing the series, return to your favorite practices and teachings for the next three months creating your own daily practice from these materials and other support materials available from chicenter.com. The Preliminary Practices are an excellent choice. -- the best result is realized through consistent practice.

May this course support and enable you to move to the next level of practice and benefit!

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4 - Abundant Life

Learning to feel the abundant life energy within you and activate its free flow is central to Qigong practice and vital for the transformation of undigested energy experienced as pain, stories, emotions, illness and spiritual distress. Integrative practice session begins at 26 min recalling and activating the light filled being that you truly are. Including Spinal Bone Marrow, Hip Rotations and Chen Chi. Feeling the energy at 56 min. Sound Healing at 59 min. Teaching resumes at 1:15 min. Practice is the "how to" increase the life energy, health and well being for yourself and the planet and become co-creator of happiness for no-reason. Student testimonials at 1:28 min.