The understated, award-winning matt black cover of the CENTURION Magazine receives a subtle new look for each issue. Experience the making of the iconic cover.

  1. CENTURION Magazine: Making Of The Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin cover

    With a design inspired by its famous Kurland Noir range, KPM-Berlin has crafted our familiar moniker onto a biscuit porcelain plate.

  2. CENTURION Magazine: Making Of The Stefano Ricci cover

    For this issue's cover, our moniker has been intricately fashioned by the Italian design house Stefano Ricci, which painstakingly pressed Swarovski crystals onto a rectangle of black and grey paisley silk.

  3. CENTURION Magazine: Making Of The Lalique Crystal Cover

    Of the numerous companies to specialise in the intricacies of crystal, few can claim such successes, or even renown as that of French brand Lalique. Stepping into their Wingen-sur-Moder workshop, you fully encounter a perfectionism that matches founder, René Lalique's creativity. Figuring prominently for his Art Nouveau jewelry, arguably being the founder of modern jewellery as we know it today, and later the company as a whole for its instantly recognisable Art Deco pieces – one of which served as the starting point for this quarter's CENTURION Magazine cover.

  4. CENTURION Magazine: Making Of The Sculpted Wood Cover

    Expertly hewn from a solid block of smoked oak wood, sculptor Georg Wilczek's handiwork adorns this summer's CENTURION Magazine cover – the latest of our creative endeavors to highlight the craftsmanship and timelessness represented from page to page within.

  5. CENTURION Magazine: Making Of The Raked Sand Cover

    Inspired by raked sand found in Japanese stone gardens, this issue's cover welcomes Centurion's newest readers in the Far East.

  6. CENTURION Magazine: Making Of The Carved Plexiglass Cover

    The fourth installment of our uniquely crafted covers sees the venerable CENTURION Magazine name etched into shatterproof plexiglass. As always, highlighted in its simplicity by the photographic expertise of Andreas Achmann.