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Bend Bars / Lift Gates Films

Bend Bars / Lift Gates is a video production company in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in Behind-The-Scene Featurettes and Fun Promo Videos.

Hard Summer 2012 - Welcome / Safety Video

I had 3 days to write and animate this video for Hard Summer 2012 (, which is a huge electronic music festival in downtown Los Angeles. The artists at the show included Skrillex, Bloc Party, and Bootsy Collins. They wanted something light-hearted that everyone would see on a huge screen as they were going through security. I heard an estimate that 50,000 people attended and had to walk past this thing to get in.

I'd like to thank the following people who helped me make it:

Martin Pursley, who co-wrote the text and added his non-sequitur magic.
Douglas Showalter, for providing his corporate voiceover talents.
Mark Thornton, for his hipster robot dance moves.

And Zeke Piestrup and Gary Richards, for bringing me onboard.

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