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The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival, Portsoy North East Scotland

A weekend celebration of Music, Fun.... and of course..... BOATS!!

This was filmed during a hectic 2 hour visit but hopefully captures the friendly atmosphere. The video features SPENCER from the "Famous" Spotty Bag Shop in the nearby town of Banff who are one of the event sponsors. In the background you can just hear the compere........ my old friend Marc Ellington a well known local laird. Hes very camera shy but if I go back next year Ill get him to say a word or two on camera as well!

So many interesting things going on at the festival and this short film just shows the tip of a very large iceberg! It would be good to make a REAL film someday.......

Technical bits....... Filmed as a one man band with the excellent Sony nx30 using the attached mic........ Sound would have been much better with a better mic but hey ho..... Edited on a 13" Macbook pro using FCPX.... which IS improving..... rapidly.