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Walden University: Minneapolis April 2013 NSO

4-13 Plenary Session Scholars of Change

The plenary draws on the social change experiences of five Walden University Scholars of Change: Gary Bickford, who credits Walden for helping him establish a medical clinic; Andrise Bass, who created a reading and literacy program for children in Haiti; Andriel Davis, who used her experience battling cancer and her Walden education as an opportunity to promote awareness of the importance of mammograms; Lee Ann Walker, who is creating public transportation education campaigns for her community; and Erin Manzanares, who founded a school in one of the poorest counties in the nation. In this interactive panel discussion, these Walden alumni will discuss their winning videos, their social change efforts, and what their graduate degrees mean to them, their careers, and their efforts to help others in their communities.