Lincoln Schatz (b. 1963, USA) is an artist working with relative experiences of place and the meanings created over time using non-linear structures. Through use of custom software in his recent work, Schatz selectively records and displays video images culled from specific environments.

Known for generative video works that collect, store and display nearly a decade of video memory, Schatz recently premiered new work in portraiture at Pulse Miami and in San Francisco. The CUBE project coalesces architecture, video and performance using a 24-channel video system that can generate painterly screen-based impressions of sitters. The cameras generate a 24-hour rendering that extends beyond the historical notions of portraiture as a static image and creates a lasting record that is wholly dynamic in its ability to reconfigure images and reorder time. Hearst Corporation in New York recently commissioned Schatz to create portraits that will celebrate the 75 the Anniversary of Esquire magazine in Summer 2008.

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