The love of movies started way back in the 70's when the visiting film troop would travel 8 hours West from Brisbane along the Warrego Highway to beam the latest Spaghetti Western on the side wall of my outback school in Morven Queensland Australia. The town community and I would watch with amazement.

Travelling to Brisbane during the Christmas holidays in the early 80's I had the good fortune of visiting a real picture theatre, the Hoyts Regent on Queen Street. There for the first time I watched "The Empire Strikes Back" my first Stars Wars experience and from that moment on I was forever hooked on cinema and motion.

Moving forward a couple of decades my son was born, I felt compelled to document his early years on video remembering what a family friend did for us capturing our early years on 8mm in the 60's. Purchasing my first handycam the journey began playing back home movies every Christmas to the family until someone said "Hey not bad, you should do that for a living?" My reply "Really? You mean quit my day job?" And so I did. What started as a love affair with motion has now become an obsession, a full time professional occupation.



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