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Alice Springs Film and Television

Alice Springs Film and Television are the Australian Outback video production and location specialists.

Please see below 3 pages of various video productions. All can be viewed in full screen by pressing the expand button in the lower right frame.

To contact us please see our website:

  1. Firenado Australia

    If ever you go down in the woods near Curtin Springs in the Northern Territory of're in for a big surprise.....Pillars of fire!

    This is a raw overview of the 30 minutes recorded, but a new version with previously unreleased footage, "Skyfire- a dance of giants" is now at The above natural event was NOT caused by global warming/climate change or whatever it is called this week. Copyright Chris Tangey 2012

  2. Beyond Australia's cities 2 (in 4K)

    Second in a series of 10 we will produce to give potential international visitors a wider view of Australia, beyond our major cities. This is our first effort in 4K, so if the truth be known it is more about picture detail than actual places, we promise to get back on track with the next one!

  3. Chris Tangey- 2014 Camera Showreel

    Alice Springs Film and Television's Chris Tangey presents a short example of his high definition camera work in Australia's outback. Music by Netherlands Composer Tjerk de Groot © Chris Tangey 2014

  4. Song for Grace- Nerys Evans and Ted Egan

    A true story of the great war, from one family's perspective. It tells the story of Ted Egan's Mother Grace and that of his three Uncles Robert, Martin and Jack.

  5. Yipirinya School Cottages- Jessica Mauboy

  6. Beyond Australia's cities 1

    First in a series of 10 we will produce to give potential international visitors a wider view of Australia beyond our major cities. Keep in mind though, that if you spent your entire life traveling Australia, it would still be just a glimpse.

    ©2014 Chris Tangey