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AIP: Ranches

Thanks for visiting this portfolio page. Aerial Imaging Productions has been leading the industry in premium ranch real estate videos since 2008. We strive to tell the most compelling stories possible, with exceptionally talented cinematographers, editors, award winning author and a producer with decades of ranch experience. 2014 was a record year for us and 2015 looks just as promising.

Great Western Ranch
Vast beyond imagination, farther than the eye can see, the Great Western Ranch stretches across the flat-topped mesas and sandstone bluffs, the prairie grasses and red arroyos of Western New Mexico. For 53 miles east to west and 26 miles north to south, the Great Western encompasses 176,805± deeded acres and 115,974± leased acres of state and federal land for a total of 292,779± acres under its control. Altogether, the Great Western Ranch spans 457 square miles or an area more than one-third the size of Rhode Island.

Located about 80 miles south of Grants, New Mexico, the Great Western is a true, four-season ranch with superior big game hunting and a rich history. The expansive park-like rangelands, with abundant native grasses and a moderate climate, support cow-calf and yearling cattle operations. Extensive livestock water resources developed on the property include 56 wells, most of which are solar powered, and seasonal ponds, lakes and dirt tanks. Home to a large resident elk herd, as well as plentiful mule deer and pronghorn antelope, the Great Western supports a revenue-generating hunting operation known for its trophy-sized bull elk. The diverse terrain offers a variety of hunting experiences from ruggedly adventurous to hunts for all ages and experience levels. A newly refurbished hunting lodge with a stone fireplace, maintenance shop, steel barns, utility buildings and staff housing support ranching and hunting operations.

There is history here too, from the Anasazis and Spanish explorers to the early homesteaders and the ranchers of today. On the ranch are historical and archaeological sites, including Anasazi petroglyphs, ruins, and the tumbled-down stone homes and corrals of New Mexico’s earliest homesteaders.

One of the largest single landholdings available in the United States, the Great Western Ranch presents a rare opportunity to acquire an important part of the American West.