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Kickstarter & Crowdfunding Video

According to Kickstarter, 50% of projects with a video succeed, versus 30% success for projects without a video. Videos will make, or break, your project no matter if you're funding a feature film, revolutionary toilet paper or a new iPhone accessory gizmo.

  1. Jackie Rogers Apparel (Kickstarter Video)

    Crowd Funding Video developed for designer Jackie Rogers to promote her campaign for the new "Jackie" blouse.
    Styling by Eternal Reign LDN.
    Acerbic Film & Entertainment in association with Mattison Stanton. \
    Special thanks to Reel Creative Studios — with Emily Liptak, Scott Kalberer, Billy Mendola and Nigel Cummings at Reel Creative Studios.

  2. Jonathan Cheben's Glam Screen

    onathan’s latest venture, Glam Screen™, was created after having two frustrating experiences dealing with broken cell phone screens. Someone recommended that he use a screen protector, but the ones he bought were hard to install, required a messy liquid solution, and actually distorted the image on his screen. That’s when he discovered the technology behind Glam Screen™. After several months of research and development Glam Screen™ is now the perfect product that is not only an incredible HD mirror, but also protects your phone.

    For more info about Glam Screen visit:

    Brought to you by Acerbic Film and Entertainment



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