360|intersect Seattle 2013

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Watch as technologists talk about the things they do away from their keyboards, that make the things they do at their keyboards even more incredible.

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360|intersect 2013 - Josh Michaels - Live Your Dream Now

Josh Michaels is an independent app developer and photographer whose greatest accomplishment has been getting by for over 4 years without a job. Josh created the artistic apps Magic Window, Earthlapse, and Tahoe Blue for iOS and Mac as well as the deviant 4X platinum hit Ow My Balls! In addition to taking pictures and making apps Josh applies his passion for software art to the pop-up iPad art show “Future/Canvas” which will be on display at the event.In this talk Josh will take you on a journey from frustrated Microsoft employee to freebird software artist with many interesting stops along the way including the creation of the first ever iPad art show. If you’ve dreamt of leaving your job to follow your dreams but have never quite been able to make it happen this talk is for you.